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Do you have enough protection from organised or opportunist theft and payment device substitution?

Whether its data privacy on screen or physical, visible protection for PIN pads and payment terminals, Secure Retail can provide you with an effective security solution.

Can you be sure all the PIN pads and payment terminals used across your estate are yours and not compromising your customers' identity?

The growth in PIN pad and payment terminal fraud means that retailers face two main threats; payment devices being stolen for fun or swapped with substitute devices which can clone customer card profiles and PIN code.

Security is very easily compromised during peak periods as large numbers of temporary workers are often used. These peak periods naturally coincide with maximum credit card spending patterns. Working with leading retailers and The UK Cards Association, Secure Retail have a portfolio of highly effective physical security devices.

NEW Intelligent GSM Power Sockets

Now available to buy online from Secure Retail are GSM Intelligent Power Sockets that informs you in seconds, via SMS messaging, when mains power is lost, giving the earliest possible warning of power issues at remote locations.

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